Engineer retaining walls Brisbane

Brisbane landscaping envolves a lot of engineered retaining walls . Retaining walls over 1 Mtr high become engineer walls or non self assessable walls . There are many complications that come with engineered retaining walls , and we get many questions asked by Brisbane clients . This blog is to help you guys save your time and get you clued up in this complicated arena . I am a Brisbane landscaper and builder being operating now c price landscapes for approx 11 yrs in Brisbane but was landscaping in west auz and New Zealand approx 20 yrs in industry . In Brisbane we are allowed to build a wall up to 1 meter high without permit . Certain rules still apply making your wall possibly non self assessable or requiring certification even though even 1 Mtr high . Classified as a engineered retaining wall Or assessable structure needing a design and permit and inspections and finally certification.

1.  if your retaining wall wall is over 1 Mtr high
2.  if your within. 1.5 mtrs if another wall possibly loading your retaining wall wall on a 45 degree angle from zone of influence.
3.  if a load bearing surcharge lies on top on wall example s driveway or vehicular traffic
On the 45 degree angle zone of influence
4. if your retaining within 1.5 mtrs if a house or structure or swimming pool
5.  if your retaining wall is attached to house
6.  if your retaining wall is within 2 mtrs of services being stormwater mains or sewerage Mains running either parrallel to wall or under wall.
7.  if you attach a fence to the wall as it loads it with weight especially under heavy wind

Brisbane engineered retaining walls require a process
Engage a civil structural engineer
Geo technical foul report
Dial a dig service location.
Get plans to be drawn for engineer
And site plans of wall location
And side elevations
Possibly survey pegs redone out on boundary by surveyor
Get form 15 permission to build or council permit
Get form 16 inspection of footing to plan by engineer or certifier
Get form 21 signed by certifier for compliance

If the wall is within 2 mtrs of a service main it will require a build over services application More cost and more plans and certifications and possibly bridging construction over the service line to stop loading the asset for potential liability . A costly project .

We build Brisbane concrete sleeper engineered walls We build block walls And finally timber walls
A structural landscaper is not licensed or experienced to build Walls of this nature , you will need the Restricted Builder to structural landscaping license that will enable the form 15 to comply and for the tradie to guarantee His work for 6 yrs two months .

C price landscapes is licensed
To do these larger walls
Please contact
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