Landscape Retaining Wall Design

As more and more subdivision land releases become available across Australia, and many of those blocks of land are on previously un-usable sloping ground, the concept of landscape retaining walls is fast growing.

Landscape design or Landscaping a property is now considered to be essential when building or renovating a house. Not only does it look great and give the property that finished feel and make it more desirable, but it can add value to a home. On land that had been previously thought un-usable for garden space, a retaining wall can mean the possibility of offering a flat garden area behind the wall, or even multi-level garden space with the use of a retaining wall.

The onset of reality tv gardening shows has inspired the home owner to look further into the possibilities that their own land has to offer. The concept of designing a garden to be beautiful and functional is growing more and more popular every day. With companies springing up everywhere, offering the latest and most modern in landscaping design and retaining wall construction, each one as competitive as the last. Landscape retaining wall design is a fast growing and highly skilled industry, with many many qualified, brilliant designers on the market. Obtaining a quote for your garden can be a very simple process.

There are new products appearing on the market frequently and innovative designs are fast becoming more common place in residential streets. Sandstone blocks or rocks, and "bush" rocks are very common in retaining walls, being durable and strong materials to build with.

When it comes to design, there are many styles available in retaining walls. Large boulders stacked together to form a wall is a commonly used form of retaining wall when dividing two blocks of land for residential building purposes, but for design purposes in the garden space, cut sandstone blocks are very popular.

A variety of colours and textures available to the consumer, means that a design can be customised to suit the needs of the garden owner, and manufactured blocks can often be a very cost effective and design friendly way to meet functionality and style.

Retaining walls don't have to be reserved for the sloping block - they can be used to create garden or planting beds where previously there had been none. They can be used to create seating, or a pond or water feature in an otherwise flat garden space.

Another common use or feature of the retaining wall is the ability to create a multi-level garden and the stairway between them. A stairway can be designed as part of the retaining wall and fit seamlessly in to the retaining wall itself, or could be made in to a feature of the garden, by using stylish colours and textures.

Whether of manufactured stone, naturally occurring boulders or mined rocks, a retaining wall is a great way to inject some style or character in to a garden, while offering functionality in one of many ways. The increase in the amount of environmentally friendly materials available to the consumer offers an even bigger incentive to landscape your garden, knowing that the work you are doing to change the natural landscape will have the least impact on the environment as possible.

c price landscapes specialises in timber sleeper retainining walls and would be happy to quote At we offer retaining wall designs and would be happy to provide advice and quotes via our contact form. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us to help you with any enquiry.

Brisbane Retaining Wall Regulations and Info

Retaining walls in Brisbane are limited to 1 metre high unless certification and a engineers design is sought. So the idea is to keep the wall below 1 meter or costs will escalate before you even get a post in the ground depending on the size and nature of your wall. A good structural landscaper should know the best remedy and style to fit your budget.

Amongst Brisbane shires there are different regulations in which how close the retaining wall can be built next to the boundary i.e the front roadside or the neighbours. The height of 1 metre is taken from existing ground level, so don't think you can build up the existing height, or you will undermine the strength and the building inspectors sharp eyes. You can stagger your walls in short distances to get higher than the one meter. to check on the distance and regulation on this.

If your wall is within 1.5mtr from a house or has a vehicle or load bearing traffic a engineers report will be needed. If the vendor or owner doesn't comply with this regulation they may run into difficulty when selling their house causing headache and costs to get it to comply or have their contract negotiated down as not its legal.

Or if a disgruntled neighbour tells Brisbane council about the illegal retaining wall, the owner may have to remove it, pay for additional work in order for it to comply, or receive a fine. To comply a BSA licenced structural landscaper or builder is what you will need to do to get this job done properly, as laws binding the Queensland area will protect you for 6years and 2months on your newly constructed wall.

There are a lot of cowboy landscapers out there without a licence and operating illegally. There are 3 types of BSA licenses for landscapers to look for 1: landscaper 2: structural landscaper 3: builder restricted to structural landscaping C price landscapes has the number < 2 and 3 licenses.> The 3rd is the highest license giving a broarder scope of works.

The first CANNOT construct your wall legally . A structural landscaper can do all the necessary requirements and have the skills and expertise to build your wall to code and to B.S.A standards on a wall to 1 metre in height .If you are buliding a engineered design wall over 1 metre in height you will need the license of number 3: builder restricted to structural landscaping and a certifier to produce the certification on completion if it complys with the engineers design drawn before commencement. license Check to see if he can produce a license and log on to the BSA website and enter his number and see if he has had any demerit points or past problems or suspension on his license.

Also he should have a current public liability insurance certificate to show you on request.

As drilling deep holes for load bearing posts are required for your brisbane retaining wall your contractor will need to assess a dial a dig report for your address before he commences work and within 30 days of the issued reports, or his public liability insurance will not be covered if he hits your sewage pipes ,telstra cables , fatal power cables, and extremely expensive broadband cables. Beware ..... these costs can run into the millions if he hits a main.

Don't be surprised if a rock clause is entered in the contract. This is standard, as if your landscaper drills and hits rock this can potentially cost.

There are many types of retaining walls to choose from ranging from treated pine which is the cheapest, hardwood giving greater strength and longevity, or boulders if you are on rock, rendered block, keystone or concrete. Retaining walls are great enabling the creation of terraces or improving the sizes of flat land.

Water and drainage problems can occur if your landscaper is uneducated causing erosion and nightmare costs and with the possibility of the all needing to be replaced if it's not done properly. So don't short cut. Get the retaining wall built once and properly with the correct size for drainage and sess pits to cope with your calculated runoff area .

If paving is done on the edge of the wall, this too can also cause problems from sinking soil and faster runoff. This is especially a problem in Brisbane given retaining walls are usually on steep run off slopes.

C Price landscapes can help. We do free quotes servicing brisbane and quality work with current public liability insurance,

Engineer retaining walls Brisbane

Brisbane landscaping envolves a lot of engineered retaining walls . Retaining walls over 1 Mtr high become engineer walls or non self assessable walls . There are many complications that come with engineered retaining walls , and we get many questions asked by Brisbane clients . This blog is to help you guys save your time and get you clued up in this complicated arena . I am a Brisbane landscaper and builder being operating now c price landscapes for approx 11 yrs in Brisbane but was landscaping in west auz and New Zealand approx 20 yrs in industry . In Brisbane we are allowed to build a wall up to 1 meter high without permit . Certain rules still apply making your wall possibly non self assessable or requiring certification even though even 1 Mtr high . Classified as a engineered retaining wall Or assessable structure needing a design and permit and inspections and finally certification.
1 if your retaining wall wall is over 1 Mtr high
2 if your within. 1.5 mtrs if another wall possibly loading your retaining wall wall on a 45 degree angle from zone of influence.
3 if a load bearing surcharge lies on top on wall example s driveway or vehicular traffic
On the 45 degree angle zone of influence
4 if your retaining within 1.5 mtrs if a house or structure or swimming pool
5, if your retaining wall is attached to house
6 if your retaining wall is within 2 mtrs of services being stormwater mains or sewerage Mains running either parrallel to wall or under wall.
7 if you attach a fence to the wall as it loads it with weight especially under heavy wind

Brisbane engineered retaining walls require a process
Engage a civil structural engineer
Geo technical foul report
Dial a dig service location.
Get plans to be drawn for engineer
And site plans of wall location
And side elevations
Possibly survey pegs redone out on boundary by surveyor
Get form 15 permission to build or council permit
Get form 16 inspection of footing to plan by engineer or certifier
Get form 21 signed by certifier for compliance

If the wall is within 2 mtrs of a service main it will require a build over services application More cost and more plans and certifications and possibly bridging construction over the service line to stop loading the asset for potential liability . A costly project .
We build Brisbane concrete sleeper engineered walls We build block walls And finally timber walls
A structural landscaper is not licensed or experienced to build Walls of this nature , you will need the Restricted Builder to structural landscaping license that will enable the form 15 to comply and for the tradie to guarantee His work for 6 yrs two months .
C price landscapes is licensed
To do these larger walls
Please contact
Steve hiku
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